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Some descriptionHeer Bharat is embroidery where design is filled with thread work. This filling is done either by button hole stitch or long and short (double satin) stitch.

The art is very much similar of the embroidery of Kutch and Kathiawar on one side and Haryana in the other. The Jats, the migratory tribe of central Asia (who came to India) were responsible for developing this embroidery. This filling is done on Han-spun hand woven as well as medium weight cotton and woolen clothes. The base colors are blue red and a blend of both, brown. Embroidery is done with cotton woolen or untwisted silk floss of various color combinations white, black, red, green yellow, blue, pink and purple. Mirrors of various size and shapes are used with the Heer Bharat. Geometrical motifs are common; however stylized birds are also seen. Floral and animal motifs of geometrical base are also evident.

“Heer Bharat embroidery is also known as bani embroidery.”
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Heer Bharat